crazy kitty

she’s beating my legs with her tail…feline massage therapy? nah……. feline circulation improvement therapy! ‘making biscuits’ is feline massage therapy. (yup every now and then she’ll get on my back when i’m going to sleep and do that across my shoulders)


okay. i get the distinct impression i’m going to get comment tackled the moment i walk in here….. i just woke up. take the picture as a suggestion on something to settle you down for an hour and let me pry the duck shit out of my eyes. landlord asked me to post when the yard-dude showed up because we have an insane 2 foot tall lawn at the moment (singing ‘welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day!”) so i’ll do a proper morning ramble post then since i have several comments to address and an issue that i’d like to head off at the pass at it were

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