Here we go again. I’ve never thought that once again, you did that. You just had to, didn’t you? It was your childish, irrational tantrums that had to stop.

I’ve had it. We all have had it. Enough is enough. This is not the first time, and I’m afraid it won’t be the last until we put a stop to it.

Right, where do I start? Damn, girl! Your drama’s getting way too old. Get over it and grow up. Move on, we’re not in high school anymore!

Yeah, I got your message. Apparently, you sent that to everybody. How bloody typical. An attention-seeking drama queen. People have to know everything about you, just like you need to know about everybody too. Boo-hoo. What else is new?

Everytime you have an argument or a fight with someone – especially whom we all know – you just have to tell the whole world about that. In your self-absorbed mind, you’re always the victim, the survivor, the star… and they all have to sympathise with you and praise you for “staying patient and nice”. (Yeah, right.) That the whole world has always been cruel and horrible to you that you feel all alone.

Guess what? We’ve also learned that you just love telling – or should I say, fabricating – stories. What you tell one person is often different with what you tell another, especially when you have a fight with one of them. Yet you still dare call us your friends and claim that you really care about us. How could you? Have you no conscience at all? You claim yourself to be sincere. Really? What a joke!

Not only that, your last message also accused us of thinking that you were not a good friend to us and that we weren’t being good enough friends to you. Seriously, what have we ever done to you to deserve this awfully unreasonable treatment from you? Or are you still whining about the past and want us to discuss that all over again, saying that you were always right and we were always wrong? Do you think we seriously have the time and the energy to dig the same old graves? Have you ever heard of the term “bury the hatchet” – or are you not busy enough with your life?

You also suggested that we remove you from our lives and treat you as if you never existed – if we thought you were not good enough of a friend to any of us. Well, well, well, I’m not surprised. Guess what? Knowing how sick and manipulative you are now, I’m not falling for that. You might tell the whole world a completely different story, as usual. “Oh, they ditched me because they couldn’t accept me for how I am.” Well, I’ve got news for you, sweetie. Being yourself gives you no rights nor excuses to be a total bitch to people that way. Arguing over disagreements like real, sensible adults is one thing – but calling nasty names is another. And I don’t need to tell you this, again and again, that courtesy and politeness aren’t always related to hypocrisy. Do me a favour, don’t be so daft and shallow. It’s not always about you. Just like you, people are busy too.

You call us negative people? Well, well, well – look who’s talking. You think we forget to look in the mirror? Why don’t you do that first before you start pointing fingers like you always do?

After that last message from you, I’ve made up my mind. This time it’s final. We can’t be friends anymore if you keep on accusing us like this, everytime you feel unhappy and insecure about yourself. You’re paranoid; you’re toxic. You need a professional help, but I’m done saying this to your face. I’m done trying to help you and give you advice, because you’ll throw it all back at my face again anyway – believing that you’re never wrong and we’re always so bloody awful to you.

You need a psychiatrict treatment. I need to be happy. I need to have a healthy, mature friendship, which I can no longer do with you. I deserve a life with not so much negativity you project on me.

You can’t rewind what’s already been said and done. Bitching about the past won’t get you anywhere. Come to think of it, you don’t really need friends. You need fans. You also need emotional punching bags, so good luck in trying to find one!



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