May Showers

I haven’t been able to get much writing done and posted onto here. Seems as if my laptop has decided to not work and I am hesitant on getting a new one. I would like to get a camera too but we’ll see..

Things are going well here.. I have met some great people. Its been raining like crazy and it snowed last night. I am over joyed that it is pouring out, even if I do want to hike without mud, because it means for a good summer and hopefully little forest fires. I was going to do a long hike, about 11 miles on my day off on Monday, but it looks like a good day to sit and read and lots of meditation of course. How am I doing on the meditation? Not as well as I would like. I’ve been trying to be a social butterfly but now I am over the social part and want to get back to my studies. Yesterday when walking home I had a very bad omen through my spirit guides, Raven. I feel like this is the same raven I keep seeing around. I was walking home and I spotted a Raven eating a newly hatched chick. I got within 3 feet of her and she flew off and landed on my dorm’s roof right above the entrance door. It really felt like my guides are not happy with me because I have not been practicing like I told myself I would. I know I can find seclusion if I choose to but many times I want to hang out with people and do normal things but I am so bored with their “normal” things. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with what they are doing. We all have different ways to relieve stress. I like to read with a bottle of whiskey.. lol.

I am posting this image I made of the Sri Yantra because for me it feels like it has much symbolism. I look to the Tetons and I picture the male and female energies merging together in body, mind, and spirit. I feel like I am merging myself together and becoming whole. I’ve gone back to reading Longchenpa to really begin again and make this path mine. Not that it wasn’t mine to begin with but now I know that this is me and not what someone else suggested I to be. I love opening up the book to any page and reading the message for that day. It really impacts me. When I came back to Longchenpa it was like he reached out to me and grabbed my shirt and was like Listen! Read! Study! Practice! Observe! because when I do all of those things you start to notice your patterns. For me I tend to get bored easily since there isn’t much of an escape up here. I could escape into drinking but that would get me nowhere fast. Plus drinking isn’t conductive to weight loss. So I am figuring things out. Its only been two weeks! lol. I have a lot of books to study. 🙂 I think on these raining days I will plow through them faster. The lighter reads.. not longchenpa.. Cause that is not light! but now I grasp what he is saying better and I can put it to practice.

I have a feeling that Sassy and myself will be doing some great silent hikes this summer. Mindful walking. 🙂



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