The saint, my mother

After ATT told me I would be liable for an account that has been opened fraudulently and is now in collections for $2,500 I had a meltdown. I messaged my sister and asked her for my mother’s telephone number or address, so that I could contact her and warn her that I have filed a police report after finding out she was the one to open these accounts without my permission. My sister said she had no idea what her number was, that was a lie. My sister has three kids and I know through Facebook that she allows the kids to be at my mother’s house, I doubt she would let the kids go to an undisclosed location. Several days later my sister messages me telling me my mother is “fighting deportation” due to some unpaid student loans she had under her name and that she is dealing with enough so I shouldn’t be filing this police repot. I don’t think my sister remembers that I too had a permanent residency at one point but recently obtained my citizenship and being such a stickler for rules I learned exactly what would get me deported in order to avoid doing those things. Defaulting on student loans cannot get someone deported because it is not considered a criminal offense. My sister proceeds to tell me that my mother does everything “by the book” and that she is a really good person despite my thoughts. As if my thoughts were unreasonable. My sister tells me that she is sad the kids will not see their grandmother whenever they wished because she is going to be deported. I did nothing to my mother. After my dad passed away she tells me that I am dead to her and she never wants to see or hear from me again. Ok. I struggled with that but eventually I moved on. Led my life, made sure to make responsible decisions because it was just me now. I am where I want to be, headed to great places and trying to feel proud that I have accomplished it all myself. Then I get these collection notices for these accounts and learn that she is responsible, suddenly I am the bad one here. Now my sister is telling me to leave my mother alone and just let her be, this is exactly what I did but she apparently was not happy with my silence.

My mother is toxic. One of my earliest memories was of my mother pulling me out of bed at midnight, she was yelling. She was angry that I did not wash the dishes like I was told and decided that waking me up at midnight to finish the task was acceptable. I was five.

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