Today’s Daily Guide

Our Powerful Spiritual Practice

One of the best ways to create a fertile field of potential for change in one’s life is to make a daily practice of meditation. Sitting in the silence — attached to nothing, simply being in the silence of the soul — is the best way to hear that call of Spirit. The voice of the world is loud and can be overwhelming in our day-to-day activities. We are multitasking, on the go, high-achieving human beings who are doing more than we are being in any one moment. So we must consciously take the time to unplug, to go within, turn off the noise and get still and quiet. You may be thinking that you cannot sit still long enough to meditate. I hear that quite often. I know you can. I was one of those people. “I can’t sit still, I can’t empty my mind, I can’t center.” It was not until I allowed whatever came into my mind to be okay — when I stopped resisting what was happening — that it went smoother. Start where you are. Don’t try to go from zero to 60-minute meditations in a day. Meditate for a minute at first. Maybe go for two if you are feeling motivated, just don’t set yourself up to fail. Increase your time gradually, and you will experience the rewards of inner peace, slowly and gradually.


I take time to sit in the silence and commune with Spirit every day.

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