12th October 2007 338pm friday


this morning was rather bad. 2 false starts getting out of bed. my legs simply would not cooperate with me. i’d start getting up, leaning on my cane and the bookcase next to the bed only to have my legs refuse to hold me and when i felt them go, i went limp and fell back on the bed, glaring at the ceiling and tried again with the same result. 3rd time’s the charm apparently.

the cats are starting to be very friendly. guess the weather helps. i had a kitten in my hair with his little pink nose-leather pressed against my neck, purring in my ear most of the night and the big cat (*Note- that’d be Zap and you lot know a bit about her already.) stretched out back to back with me, so it’s not like i was able to toss and turn or anything. full grown woman held captive by 30 pounds of fuzz! (Zap weighs about 25 of that by herself. if you ever want to lift small weights,, come pick up the cat a few times if she’ll let you!)

Dave has told me to take Ibuprofin as an anti-inflammatory  since i cannot take the more conventional variety. up to 1600 mgs a day.


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