feeling a little better now

yeah i guess future reference even plain ribs are a no no for me. spent way too much time in he loo last night and this morning and i still feel like i’m either about to get sick again or am about to glue my ass to the bog.

i’ll try to play catch up somewhat today

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  1. related. so far i’ve resisted shit-listing. (try to say that 3 times fast when you’re on as much percoset as i am. i end up sounding like Dana Carvey’s ‘judicial system’ comedy rant.)but shit-listing might bwe somewhere i need to go. just keeping track of when i did and all that. i won’t subject you lot to my descriptions (LOLOLOL)but for my own peace of mind i might have to go there. i feel like someone stomped my stomach flat as i do any time there’s an extended loo visit and since i was in there for almost 40 minutes this morning at 5, then immediately again at 606am? i caught myself sitting here trying to recall precise circumstances of the last time i was in there for (as i call it) ‘extended engagements’ or as Just said once making me laugh really hard ‘dropping the kids off at the pool? yeesh. euphamisms. let’s go with George Carlin. i don’t want to TAKE a shit. i want to LEAVE one. don’t take one of mine! i only have 3 left and the weekend is coming up!but maybe if i start keeping a full on shit list, i can find out if there are safe things Justin likes to cook that he can share with me. i think he feels bad cause for the most part the only thing i can let him kick down is the occasional gourmet cigarette (he bought a pack of NatShermans yesterday. 8 buck a pack fags no less. dayumn. they don’t taste enough like cigars to give them some oomph (i like a good cigar now and then and i don’t mean this cigarello bulshit, i mean full on handrolled cuban cigars and the like that if i smoke 1 i look like i’m a firearm shy of being sent out by central casting as a gun moll for a 1920’s era film LOLOLOLOL) but he’s like me. loves to cook for people (never got into the whole feeder feedie relationship, but knew someone who was a feeder and she had me over for dinner 1 time and i asked for seconds… i thought she was going to leave a wet mark on the chair she was so delighted LOL that’s how i found out about it. i freaked out over how effusive she was being till her ex explained it. she’s not into sex. she’s into feeding people. really. you just made her REAL happy asking for 2nds the way she loaded your plate the 1st time….. ooookay. right on. glad to be of service. want a cigarette, honey? LOLOL) he lost a parent youngish and that tends to bring out the nurturer in people.

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