13 more long days (please read )

my name is dani, i’m just a teenager but so this is like my first time trying this. the reason why I started this online journal thing is so I can share with someone and let out my anger out to some I don’t have to worry about telling other people its kinda hard keeping this anger build up inside of yourself. everyday I walk around my school putting on a fake happy faced but really inside you are mad and upset about personal things, its like trying to fight a war inside yourself. I’m ungrateful for my life I really am I have a phone, a few friends, and a great family but this can’t solve all of your problems. So far this year this has been the worst year and especially when I’m being a freshmen next year, so yea im an 8th grader. but anyways lately I’ve been feeling alone lately like im separated from my friends. and its kinda a bad feeling. so you know I said im having the worst year so far well on top of that we have a field trip to a great swimming pool place , but literally at the last minute my mom might change her mind, btw I hate when parents to that it annoys me , but anyways I said that’s great I already had the worst year and now I cant go to the amazing place to calm down and make me feel relaxed ya know. uggg 13 more days left til summer , it feels more like 13 years😐😐😔😣well that’s all for tonight, I promise I write again soon

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  1. you’ll be alright being a teenager can be hard sometimes! it’s like we’re at an awkward age where your not a child but your not an adult either.. but trust me the older you get the easier it gets well your process of thinking but not life in general.

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