3 1/2 weeks since we left Ontario for BC

We have this wonderful Grandpa type man in our church who I have been drawn to talk to every time I see him. His accent, smile and kind personality reminded me of my dear Opa .  Today at the food bank it was mentioned that he was Dutch ( I knew it, how could someone sound so much like Opa and not be) I told him how much he reminded me of him.  He was so excited that I was a Dutch girl and tried to teach me Dutch(Something my Opa tried many times) These little things daily are such reminders that God is taking care of us  Though we miss our family tremendously, we are absolutely feeling loved, welcomed and excited for what’s in store Thankful for all the prayers that have been spoken for us in these last few months Transitions are never easy- but watching the kids thrive and build new relationships has been amazing and creating new friendships in our own lives has been “easy”  I can’t quit grasp words tonight but I know that we are called  to be here for such a time as this

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