i wonder what this guy would think of the japanese hornets?!

okay just had ANOTHER close encounter with 1!!! not nearly as close as the last couple. (maybe with the green and now white-blonde at the edges, they think i’m foilage? maybe i should do a second round of research and find out what upsets them and dye my hair to match?!) thankfully this was from a distance. in fact i watched it smiling for a good 3 minutes thinking it was a hummingbird till it moved in a way they cannot. bastard blew its cover when it went to threaten something with its stinger. they’re so big even like 5 feet away (it’s in the big oak to the right and in front of my balcony and up on the 3rd floor i’m up in the canopy with the various fauna) i could see it clearly when it did that threat stretch our ZomBEE did a couple days ago.  then a few minutes later and STILL clearly able to see the 1st 1 up in the canopy, i saw another bopping around at ground level (because of course at that point i was out on the balcony, can of spray in hand ….well, don’t give me that. we know it temporarily stuns them) so i’ve already been on the phone to leave a message for Scott (yep. got my phone sorted last night. Zap was unplugging things because she was mad at me because she shit on the floor and i wouldn’t open the treat jar for 24 hours solid) left him a message telling him about the new hornet sightings. if i feel up to it later, i might walk the perimeter and see if i can find the nest so i can report its location to Scott so he can send a bug guy out who is already prepared to deal with something of the magnitude this will cause. (even a little bitty non-stinging mud-dauber nest can cause chaos when you take it out. i’ve heard stories of people who had buildings set on fire and lost everything because in the process of trying to get them dopey by smoking them out…. there’s a cartoon/comic strip in that. i KNOW there is!….a stray spark sets 1 on fire, they blunder into inflammable material like curtains and whoosh! you’re homeless and surrounded by pissed off, incredulous insurance agents!)

so. there’s my excitement for the morning. i feel moderately crummy this morning. cannot seem to get enough freakin air this morning (nope. haven’t lit a cigarette yet, but i’m seriously considering it. kill or cure, right? it’ll either make me cough hard enough to dislodge the last of the ick i hacked up this morning or it was my body screaming ‘need tobacco by-products NOWWWW!!!!!’ LOL which is entirely possible.

oh Zap just leapt up next to me and yelled ‘NOW!’ yes, yes. i know. i need to eat. my painkillers already kicked in so i’m giving an empty stomach sacrificed on the alter of Ibuprofin 800’s and Percoset 7.5’s (both of which will eat your stomach lining)

so. let me update my REAL journal (it’s a binder with looseleaf paper to be added to or removed from as i see fit. i call it the dreamery and that’s what i write in when people piss me off. Write Em dead! (which is the title of an old published poem of mine that i’ll have to hunt down and post for you lot because even though being sick wasn’t the state of mind i was in when i wrote it? still works. it was actually about making the concious choice to be different in a society that rewards paperdoll clothing and cookie cutter ideals. maybe this afternoon. let’s see what i can get done today.), then have breakfast, then i’ll go to my saved comments section folder and write out the bullet points from thatweirdgothchick (or whatever it was LOL i haven’t had caffeine yet) and set up to respond properly to it. i used to do the penpal thing and had a couple that were blind. we did audio tape letters and i’d answer them the same way. listent to the whole tape and jot down  short comments that’d make me think of what they were talking about then go over my notes as i recorded their tape. same basic princepal. (SP? fuck you spell check. someone feel free to correct me. that looks right to ME.)

alors. gimme about an hour to eat and get set up, then i’ll get that done, throw down at least 1 old pain journal entry and see what other work i can knock out today.



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