Life Update

So I have not recently updated on here because I have been so busy…


Here’s the run down:

I have recently got a boyfriend (He’s the best)

School Ends in 6 ish weeks

My cousin graduated two days ago from college 🙂 <3


My life is getting progressivly better, except for one thing.

Two weeks ago I was in school and my knee collapsed on me. I happened to be on the stairs as well… so you can guess what happened… I was all alone so I limped to my next class and tried not to think about the deep pain in my knee. The next day I went to the doctors, I had to get X-Rays and today (Tuesday 19 I have to get an MRI) I am on and off crutches because it gets better one day and then gets worse the next… 

God help me please 🙁 

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