You buy her everything

all your money can bring

even that 24-carat diamond ring

in hopes they’d make her heart sing.


You take her to fancy places

your fancy car can reach in a winning race.

You show her off to those admiring faces

like she’s your trophy, your most precious property.


Oh, yeah.

I bet you always have it your way.

Everything should be under your control, they say.

Obedient, you wish for her to stay.


You may be perfect for some other girl

who only cares for diamonds and pearls,

but she sees a much bigger picture.

No, she won’t take you as her whole and only world.


Get over yourself, won’t you?

There’s only so much that you can do.

She has feelings, ideas, and opinions too.

You often dismiss her and that’s turned her blue.


Do you have to hit her everytime she says no?

What do you do that for?

She’s had it with your pathetic, one-man show.

Don’t blame her when she runs for the exit door.


Oh, charming abuser!

When will you ever learn?

It’s a matter of ‘when’ to know you’re no better.

Sooner or later, it’s definitely  your turn to burn.


Get some psychiatric help before it’s too late.

You can still have a better fate.

If you still insist that you’re all that,

wait until someone – anyone – hits you in the head!



(Jakarta, 18/5/2015 – 2:15 pm)

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