Rambling Reminders

It has been a serious week and I am looking forward to settling into work for the next five weeks before the next show.

My body aches.

My mind is busy.

The biggest challenge lately is trying to live in the present. It is easy to fast forward just a few seconds – which turns into minutes, the afternoon, tomorrow, the week end, next week, etc. And that happens at lightening fast speeds. Inhale and exhale for release. Let it go. I’d like to spend the next four weeks practicing letting go – when things don’t go my way, when someone says something harsh, when someone is crass, when someone is rude – just let it all go. Let go of disappointment and pain. Let go of embarrassment. Let go of anticipation. Let go of control.

Maybe I will write more during this period.

Overall I feel peaceful and serene, yet internally it feels like things are whirring about in my head, my body is uncooperative in some areas. Back to the basics. Drinking lots of water. Getting enough sleep.

Just start doing it.

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