My graves project has been stalled lately because of my hectic work schedule. I’m hoping to get some time this weekend to at least visit 2 of the cemeteries in town.

I got a new program for my computer, which I also need to make time to install. It’s called RootsMagic 7. I’m pretty excited to begin my family tree again without the distraction of the internet. I like, but the “leaves” are very tempting, and a true genealogist needs to have supporting evidence (which is sometimes hard to verify on the internet). I want to collect as many primary sources as possible. I need to start contacting my living relatives and having them procure their vital records for me to make copies of. Documents will be easier to get now than after they’ve gone.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ones who have passed. There are so many questions I should have asked.

I need to visit Great Grandma Ihde. I need to decide on a set of questions to ask and start conducting interviews. She’s 101 now. I can’t imagine she has much time left, sad as that makes me. I do not want to wait too long.

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