The Constituent of Expierenced Being

Oh Longchenpa how you know me thus. Today’s passage:

Thus you have to study the three constituents of unwavering wholeness. Which has its cause in a concentration on unity.

They are the constituent of agent-he who will achieve realization; The constituent of method- how realization is effected; and the constituent of the (underlying) facticity of Being- the realization of non-duality.

The individual who will achieve realization must be one who is motivated to extricate himself from his fictitious world: Staying physically far away from places ringing with the bustle of worldly affairs and mentally being removed for long from the crowd of propositions, he will quickly realize his wholeness.

When he has confidence, self-respect, and decorum, is conscientious, of pure character, delights in what is wholesome, Is learned, has few desires and knows contentment, he will quickly realize this wholeness.

When staying controlled in body and mind, enjoys staying in solitudes, Has given up drowsiness, idleness, and delight in mere talk, is neither indolent nor regretful and has few associations with others, He will quickly realize this wholeness.

I feel like this is great guidance to help me be rid of my desires, wants and needs in this world in order to reach my wholeness. There are many times in this location where I have nothing to do and instead of meditating more I go to the bar.. lol. I am sure its a common issue with many people but I don’t want to be many people. I am me. I don’t want to spend what little money I am making here at the bar. I really must save everything I am earning because I will need it for when I leave here. I got accepted into the Wisconsin Vipassana meditation center for the mid Oct. Which works out well because I leave here on the 12th-ish and then will drive up to there. Then after that I will visit my family down south in az and as for work… I don’t know yet. Sedona or maybe the FL keys. I really don’t want another winter.. lol

Whatever happens. Happens. No sense in worrying about what I am going to do when I leave here. I will just plan and not plan but save really. I have been praying to find someone that wants to travel to location to location with me. Hopefully I’ll find him here.. if not I’ll be happy going alone 😉




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