This is why I don’t trust men!

My boyfriend . . . this started when his “sister” came to visit from Illinois. She stayed for a week and I hardly heard anything from him. Fine what ever I believed it was his sister. However before she came up he was here every night damn near and held me tighter kissed me more was sweeter. After he became distant I ask what is going on he tells me he just has been busy and a lot on his mind. Bought it at first . . . Then Friday his radiator went out before coming over . . . Saturday his car would start and run but none of the lights worked? How is that even possible? . . . What ever I trust him right? Well Sunday and today not a single text or call from him. . . I called his phone straight to voicemail. Went online to a account he has on a site we both use. Says he was last active yesterday and that he is in or by a town I have never heard of here in Minnesota. You can’t tell me it is near us when I aint heard of it before. I grew up in 3 cities around here. I have explored Minnesota. He has no family up here other than his parents and brother who he lives with. Besides if he has time to check the site but not just tell me he is busy even come on really. I am freaking out. I over analyze stuff and maybe i have just been hurt and cheated on to many times. But my heart is in this and my son adores him. My son will be heart broken too not just me. Oh god please someone else tell me I am crazy and it is all none sense too please. I don’t wanna believe it but everything recently points directly to another woman. I am a damn mess right now.

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  1. Hey hun. Sometimes we as women do over-analyze things when it comes to our men. But when it comes to cheating, our instincts and the signs are usually dead on. Based on your post and my own recent experiences with my cheating man, I firmly believe that when our men change from their “normal routine” there may be another woman involved. Like, if our guy starts treating us crappy for no apparent reason, he may be cheating. If he starts arguments so he can leave the house, that could be an excuse to cover up cheating. And like you mentioned, if he’s being sweeter than usual, he may be cheating. And we simply think he’s being a good man and trying to show us more love and affection.
    I’m not saying you’re stupid at all. In my case, stupidity has no age limit. I’m 34, I’ve been with this guy for 17 months, I’m 6 months pregnant by him and he’s 21. I would let him run the streets and hang with his friends and not complain about him being out all night because I know that’s what people do at him age. I found out he was cheating on me earlier this year when he gave me an STD. I broke up with him, but ended up taking him back. A couple of weeks after that, he was arrested and I had his cell phone. I answered when his “baby mama” called so I could let her know he was locked up. A couple of days later she calls his phone to ask what my association was with him. I told her I was his woman and had been with him for 15 months. That’s when she told me that they had been together off and on the entire time I was with him. She also informed me that neither one of her kids are biologically his. She said he told her that I was just a sex buddy, my pregnancy was an accident and that he didn’t love me and wasn’t in love with me either.
    He got out a few weeks later and didn’t deny anything she had told me. He didn’t even bring up the conversations I had with her. He was very distant with me, which I felt meant that all she had told me was true. I broke up with him and put him out of my apartment. Sometimes we have to let go of a relationship if we are being used, hurt, cheated on or taken advantage of…even if it feels like it will kill us to let them go.

  2. I am so sorry for what has happened to you. Hopefully everything is fine… hopefully you learn the “truth” soon 🙂
    Good luck

  3. Im actually dealing with something like this now. The best thing to do is keep your head up,know your worth, and give him space. If you have to question things like this….do u really want to be in a relationship with him?

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