I’m seriously beyond irritated this morning!!!!!!! He comes in at 6am, turns on the closet light and leaves it on, ultimately waking me up. That’s how I am, I can’t sleep through noise and light. I went to bed feeling terrible. The nausea, fatigue and pain in my lower back and stomach associated with this pregnancy make trying to sleep very uncomfortable for me and he knows this. So why come in disturbing my rest…the little rest that I do get? Then when he knows I’m up for the day he asks me to make him breakfast. LOL! I said, “Make you breakfast after you been out all night then come in and wake me up at six in the morning? You got me fucked up!” He made a joke out of it but I was dead serious and there’s no pots or pans heating up on the stove, believe that! Hell, I’m 6 months pregnant, diabetic, paying all of the household expenses and bills and sick most of the time, he should be the one cooking and cleaning around here, not me!

Why are people so inconsiderate these days? Why can’t they treat people how they treat them in return? Is that so difficult to do? Asking too much? I don’t think so. Maybe I’m just to nice and caring…

One thought on “WTF????”

  1. That is so true… people are really inconsiderate… its annoys me so much. But if you think about it there are other people who are amazing and awesome and you should give your full attention to them <3 🙂

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