after today’s scare

i was out for almost 4 hours this time. was cognizant but couldn’t move and felt sick. i’m just taking the rest of the day to do nothing and sit around and watch documentaries on netflix. tomorrow if i’m up to it, i’ll get back to abnormal.

it also seems i need to address an issue. MY FUCKING PAGE MY FUCKING RULES. those are

1 NO FUCKING SPAMMERS i will block and report your ass. do NOT fucking do it. do you asshats KNOW what the demographic is for my blog? freaks and weirdos who are on disability and dying. as in WE HAVE NO MONEY. did you somehow miss the 4 page long post yesterday morning where i spent a full page praising the creativity of a young lady who found a dollar store halloween costume top hat and made it cool looking?! stop trying to sell my readers (or me) shit. i guarentee if i ever find you in person you WILL be getting a size 10 doc martin boot to the side of you head. LEAVE US ALONE. that’s the POINT of this free online journal. NO CRAP from you dumbasses. i will NEVER give permission for ads. EVER. stop trying.

2-i welcome comments. see something i’ve written and you have a question? ask away. see something someone else has commented and want to say something? go for it. BUT THE SECOND i see people treating each other badly. i’ll be all over your ass like white on rice. i do NOT play nice. i do not play fair. there’s 1 final ruling in anything that goes on this blog and i would it. end game.

i have enough stress to deal with without bullshit like that. i’m doing this as a favour to a friend (my Doc.) because he asked me to. i can change my mind and tell the whole world to go fuck itself and let them publish my journals as medical curitosities after i’m dead. i don’t HAVE to fucking do this. quite honestly it’s a huge pain in the ass and i have legitimate writing (as in 2 different series of novels) i’m working on that i SHOULD be working on. every interruption could blow my concentration for writing for the rest of the day.

stop going out of your way to piss me off or i’ll mark every fucking one of these as private and charge at the fucking door. get it? got it? good. now fuck off and let me get some fucking rest.

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