May 15th, 2015

Over the years I have tried to keep many journals. I have tried, but failed. The idea of writing down all of my innermost secrets into a journal that someone could casually pick up and read, was terrifying. Clearly, I no longer feel that way. I have realized that sharing experiences is the only way people learn and grow. I feel like even though I am only sixteen, and I have very few encounters to go on compared to someone twice my age; I’m not lacking in knowledge.

To most people I have a seemingly average life. An average life if you’re not the one living it.

I am not here to share a sob story, or to gain pity. I am here because I feel that I have value to add to this world, and that it is worth sharing. I won’t promise some stories won’t be sad, or frustrating. I can however, promise that with every story, encounter and memory I share with you, will be something great, and that just maybe, you will take my stories and either find great humor in them, cry over them, or maybe, just maybe, learn something valuable.

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