My journal for Tuesday

It’s Tuesday already. 10:07 PM in my living room writing a journal for today. The weather got chilly little bit today but sunny. I had one of those typical days work, home and 30 mins of work out on lunch  break. My knee still hurts from the running on Saturday morning so I couldn’t do anything after work although I wanted to go out for skating. Maybe it will get better in couple days so I can go run again this coming weekend.

Not much going on lately which makes me feel like I’m not trying hard enough to achieve my goals. Well… I just want to be lazy for now and yes it’s been a long time that I have been feeling like that. Maybe when my knee gets better I will turn around lol

I have to wake up early tomorrow before 7AM for possible opportunities. I have been messing these up lately but I decided to take that as progress. I already missed couple chances cause of lack of preparation isn’t that tell you anything O?

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