Mystery Package

I came home today and my mom handed me this book. She informed me it came from a package with my name on it, and that she had already put the package in the trash. Now call me crazy…but I haven’t bought a book about some organ harvest murder mystery. There was a piece of folded paper inside with some odd numbers and it came from a hotel in another country (the paper did) with an international number and fax number.

I’m slightly unnerved. And I’m now thinking of all the horrible things that could go wrong by receiving this book. Maybe it’s cursed. Or what if it was like a warning that someone’s gonna steal my organs? What if its some super secret agent junk and I’m supposed to contact the hotel? Mom said she’d go through the trash tomorrow to find the box…but I’m more scared that someone sent a book to my house that seems like something I’d read. I might be over-reacting, because it could be a family member who knows my reading likes…but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t tell me they bought it for me.

This is going to keep me up all night! I touched it…what if I’m poisoned? I feel itchy…

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  1. OMG!!! I could not stop laughing from this post, because I feel like I would react the same way.That is uber creepy, and I wish you luck in finding out where it came from.

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