ooh this is FUN!!!!

as i so often do when i’m feeling really bad (and i’m feeling really bad. a warning though. this is when i’m at my most dangerous and least forgiving) i turn to Netflix (Thank you Christopher and Branden for letting me have a spot on your guest list. i love you guys both VERY much!)

see. i’m a documentary addict. it’s probably 1 of my healthiest addictions (the other is to the printed word. least healthy addictions? that’s a toss up between tobacco and doing art/writing. i can go months without watching a documentary and be fine, but if i run out of things to read, i’ve been known to read ingredients lists on food containers or worse and if i cannot write or draw?! i literally go through full blown withdrawls (SP?!) within hours of being deprived of paper and pen) but documentaries never hurt anyone and i can often amuse myself for days after a binge doing cross research on the subjects.

one of my FAVE documentary series of all time is the Ken Burns stuff. if you haven’t seen them and you have even a passing interest in music or history, i recommend them. he specializes in turn of the last century stuff and prohibition era (especially the Jazz age! he also has a dvd series out for that which i have  and is phenomenal!)

but now i have a new UK based fave! it’s called Time to Remember. they took a bunch of old newsreels from the earlier 1/2 of the 20th century and made a documentary series out of it. wonderful stuff. just watched the 1 on aviation and Stage and Screen is starting now.it’s going to have Charles Laughton, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks in it! so damn cool!

the picture? my fave actor of ALL time. of COURSE.

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