14th october 2007 802pm sunday


today has been foul for my knees, but a very productive day nonetheless. i’ve nearly completed the leopard print harem pants to match the tunic i made a month ago. they’ll be done tonight in fact.

however, my knees are KILLING me. my daughter dropped a marker off the coffee table and it hit my knee (right). a feather of a thing, yet it felt like someone had smacked me with a crowbar. what is WRONG with me?! why won’t it heal? why must i be in such pain? especially now when i have all this other nonsense going on! if someone offered to cut off my legs, i would probably thank them heartily.

my sinuses have behaved themselves today for a changed situation. this morning started off so badly too! i went through 1/2 a box of tissues- okay, i exaggerate. 1/3 of a box! however, after an hour of sneezing and snorking, i’m fine now.


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