dead octopus

wheeee! with Jus’ help, i have now slain the octopus that’s lived under my desk for almost 4 years. when i got my current computer, sensei got frustrated with me trying to sort out what cords were what, told me to plug in 2 of those …well, they’re sort of a cross between an extension cord and a multi-socket (most have sort of a rubber knob on 1 end with 3-4 sockets in it) and to stop worrying about it, he wanted to go to Costco and i was coming with him we have 10 minutes to change clothes let’s go let’s go!’ LOL the OLD printer power card, my OLD external wireless (which for some reason still involved a cord LOLOL) modem power cord, the old power strip (got a new one with 2ce the sockets and phone line sockets as well so i may yet plug in my nifty antique phone and still keep the cordless phone for official crap (press 6 to tell our operators to go to hell while we leave you on hold for another 2 hours while you grind your teeth because we still haven’t sent you the fucking form to need to recertify for foodstamps even though we told you last friday you’ll have it monday or tuesday wednesday at the latest!-grrrrr can you tell what i’m spending my morning doing tomorrow?) so i got rid of a ton of clutter and we even busted out the twist-ties and bundled the remaining cords so it’s not any where NEAR as much of a snarl as it’s been for ages.

i’m pretty proud of myself (grabs a measuring stick to pat myself on the back)

now if i could only get done about 150 other things i need to get done (sigh)

appropriately Dead Kennedy’s ‘Halloween’ was playing as i typed this! but it’s almost time for my last antihistimine (SP?! really? oookay) and make my cup of bedtime tea before i meditate (as i do every night) for 45 minutes, then smoke 1 last cig while i write in my personal journal (the ‘dreamery’ 1 that i mentioned a couple days ago… i think i did….) and rack.

nighty night all



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