What’s going on in the world these days?

Instant popularity leads the souls astray.

Technology helps them to do what they may

as if it’s the only to fill their days.


Everybody wants to be seen.

Excessively taking pictures of themselves, they’ve been.

The road to fame is just a click or two.

Hey, maybe you can do it too!


It’s not just all about looking pretty.

They also want all the glory.

They’re more than keen on getting the world to see

that they are really, really ‘somebody’.


But they already are,

inside their family and friends’ hearts.

Why did they have to go that far?

Why did it have to be so hard?


Deaths by selfie,

heartbroken friends and families.

If only they’d been able to see

the risk they’d taken for such a glory.


Life is more than just a few clicks.

Why go after the dream of becoming picture-perfect?

Don’t become the sad memories in their heads.

Please be careful or you’ll end up dead!



(Jakarta, 19/5/2015 – 11:00 pm)

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