Hard time beliving in God.

I usually I love to know more about him and think of him. His Son. His second coming. The mysteries surrounding him and the events since the very second of time. But…

I don’t even know if he’s still out there for me. Maybe he just can’t stand me much. Maybe I screwed up in the past too much for any real redemption. If I didn’t have Neal, I honestly don’t know what I would do.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without that man. Thank you for the ginger drink and for getting us pizza, Bug. People may not see it this way, but that’s quite a few blessings right there to count. I see them. I appreciate them. I love you.


One thought on “Hard time beliving in God.”

  1. I’ve always had a hard time believeing in a higher power, but I think that makes it more real. If we were able to understand things completely, then it would take away from the mystery. I think we’re supposed to mess up and have problems and question the existence of something more, because it wouldn’t feel like a validated belief if we didn’t question it. -Just my opinion.

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