Breastfeeding vs Formula

WHY DO PEOPLE FEEL THE NEED TO GIVE THEIR OPINION. ugh makes me so angry! I tried breastfeeding when my son was born a month ago, but he wouldn’t latch, like AT ALL. I tried and tried but he wasn’t happy and I wasn’t happy. So I pumped. I pumped for a week and then he wanted more than I could produce, so we started to supplement with formula. Well then my body just naturally stopped producing milk. Well, you would think that at that point shit hit the fan. Everyone says “breast is best” and formula is SO bad and doesn’t give what the baby needs. Well guess what, last time I checked it was MY choice.

So not only was I dealing with the overwhelming guilt of not being able to breast feed,  but then I have everyone and their dog asking about it. Seriously, when I see people it’s like the first question they ask, how is he latching? HE’S NOT. Like I don’t understand why people think they should ask these questions, but they seriously need to frig off. The worst is that I haven’t ever heard someone talk well about breastfeeding unless it was the fact that it helped them loose the baby weight. People talk about bleeding nipples, crying with cluster feeds, no sleep, etc. Like WOW, thanks for the encouraging words! And worst of all, I have my MIL down my freaking throat about not breast feeding. It doesn’t matter what I do or say, she will defend the boob until the end of time.

MY SON IS BOTTLE FED. There, I said it! those words only open your life to judgement, guilt and people pretty much calling you an inadequate mother. People will force feed their uneducated opinions down your throat as if you cared. Well, ya know what, why can’t people be happy with what you choose for  YOUR baby. Last time I checked, I held him in my for 9 months and nourished him with my lackluster diet. Being on formula has made him happier and me happier. I don’t see why I have to defend my choices, but for some reason I do .

There is nothing more frustrating that people posting about breastfeeding and formula and it’s like I can’t escape it. But I know I have made the right choice for me and my son and that is all that matters.

Haters gunna hate.

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