not looking forward to this- a shitty morning

well this beast i’m holding in my arms in this picture (i think i’m wearing the same outfit! LOL i know i have that tank top on, but i can’t tell what colour broomstick skirt i have on. i’m wearing the purple one right NOW as in sitting here typing the blog.) took a good long look at the fact that i spent the day cleaning including her litterbox (well, that’s an every day thing. it does NOT do to let her litterbox get even a little icky. seriously more than 2 pees and a dump in there? she’s quite literally going to throw that shit from 1 end of the loo to the other -since i keep her loo in with mine. we have occasional ‘pee parties’ i’ll go into that later. it’s funny and our bathroom and toilet ettiquette deserves it’s own post or at least it’s own section of a post) inspired her to hang her fuzzy ass over the side and shit across the the top edge of the box (i can’t afford the fancy flipping clean itself automated beeping scent misting litterpans with an awning and wipe mat etc etc. it’s a blue grey plastic rectangular 4″ tall bin filled 2/3 of the way with fine-crushed gravel…oooh exiting! luxurious! eyeroll LOL yeah i need caffeine and my painkiller just kicked in)all over the floor and the top edge of the box with 1 lonely little curl of a turd still in the box like a token ‘see? i hit the box like i’m supposed to!’ and then of course she prances over here trying to beg treats off me (growl) nope. she spent the 1st hour till my pain meds kicked in sitting in her time out corner.

the thing i’m REALLY not looking forward to? already doing it. i want to put on here though …i called the SSI office at 806am (you’re not supposed to call before 8am) i have precisely ONE thing to ask them and it’s extremely fucking important.they say to recertify for my medical coverage and my foodstamps, i need a certain form. they neglected to send me this form when they sent the rest of the stuff (which i filled out and sent back with everything i was asked to ON TIME thank you very much.) then they sent me a letter last thursday saying i didn’t have my household verification form and they were sending it along with an SASE (self addressed stamped envelope well a postage paid addressed envelope at any rate). the only thing IN the envelope was a form letter checklist thing saying i was missing that form with the pertinent form i needed highlighted in FADED ass orange highlighter marker and the postage paid addressed envelope. NO FORM.

since it was already almost 5pm by the time the fucking substitute postie got his ass to our street, i called 1st thing friday morning (a week ago today) was left on hold for almost 3 fucking hours to say ‘uhm i’m sorry to be a bother, but i can’t send that form. whoever sent this letter out neglected to include it.’ she fell all over herself apologizing to me and said she’d send it out RIGHT away and i’d have it by wednesday at the LATEST, but more likely on monday.

so. here we are and it’s fucking friday again, a solid week later and it still isn’t here. i’ve already been on hold now for 22 minutes. stuck here listening to about 50 separate messages-NONE OF WHICH APPLY TO ME IN ANY WAY (no. i8 don’t want to i don’t want to adopt. no. i don’t know of any elder neglect. no i don’t know of any elder abuse. no i don’t know of any child neglect. no i don’t know of any child abuse. no. i don’t want to put my private personal information like my social security number and all that on the web especially considering the fact that your fucking site is red-marked warning for cookies and is marked an unsafe site, no i cannot print out the forms from here. no working printer, nope. no access to a car and can’t drive so i can’t go to the library to do it. AND THEY CHARGE to print and fax and it isn’t cheap. if i had handfuls of money to throw around on shit like his i wouldn’t need the assitence now WOULD I!?! and that’s just the couple i’ve heard while i’m sitting here eating my cliffbar. here’s another great one. nope i’m between 18-50 but NOT able bodied and i do NOT qualify for the work program. no. i don’t have any dependents since you won’t count the cat. no. i’ve been celibate for over 10 years. i’m not pregnant. if that were to occur, i’m calling fucking Ripley’s believe it or not and the cops before i call you dinks because that means there’s a lot more going on than me getting laid) and the most annoying part (well besides the fact that 1/2 the voices on the various recordings sound like they’re drunk or have never heard english spoken out loud. ‘hef yu eeveer ben thee watnass to doomastack obyooz?’ excuse me? what fucking language is that? learn how to put the ackSENT on the right sylLABble, dumbshit. people’s livings depend on being able to understand the shit on these! now on hold for 35 minutes. sigh)  is the fact that they don’t even finish the fucking messages. i just heard 1 interrupted by another message only to have the phone start ringing  so a THIRD recorded voice could inform me how important my call is to them and how important it is that i be patient. riiiiiiight. this is fucking bullshit. while i’m waiting for someone to pick up the call, i cant watch a video or listen to music or play a game. i know from experience, however loud the messages are (i just put the phone on speaker) when they answer they’re going to be whispering and if you don’t answer IMMEDIATELY they hang up and you have to wait AGAIN!

got it! a live person. final tally on the call? i called at 806! got off the phone at 851. actual call once i got a live person? MAYBE 2 minutes and most of THAT was to recite MY information so she knew who she was talking to. grumble growl so i was on hold for over 40 minutes to have the following conversation…

agent-whisper mutter mumble?

me-oh! excellent! 1 moment please while i get you off speaker.

(back and forth she asks for my soc. i give it. name. given. DOB? check. phone number? check (this albino gnat needs to find something else to do or it’s going to be rather quickly dead)

agent- so what can i do for you this morning.

me-<successfully fighting the urge to bellow at her, but barely> i called last friday to ask for forms that i was never sent and it’s friday again and..

agent-still no forms. oh dear. it shows they WERE mailed, but let me make another try and get those out to you’

me-thank you. i appreciate it. i can’t send forms in i haven’t received however much i’d like to be able to do it.

agent-chuckling- right. we’ll get those out to you quickly. don’t forget, monday’s a holiday so don’t start looking till tuesday!

me-right right memorial day weekend. thank you for the warning. loud time in college town.

done.fuck. hopefully THIS time the office of ineptitude will get their shit together and do what they say they will.

me? i’m going to go kill virtual monsters for a few minutes.  think i’ve earned it.



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  1. ahh nope. different skirt, but amusingly the SAME book on the corner of my desk is currently sitting next to me (this photo is WELL over a year old. closer to 2.)it R.A.Salvatore’s Legacy of the Drow series collector’s edition. the entire run of the story arc in 1 book that i actually have to read at a table or desk because i can’t HOLD it to read it any more as it’s too heavy.

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