oh! found a new documentary series to OD on.

the new detectives: case studies in forensic science. not sure why OTHER people watch this kind of thing, but my reason is 2-fold. the REAL reason is that i write horror and sci fi so it’s research.  the other reason? i LOVE hearing that the bad guy (or girl) gets caught and locked away or executed. what? oh. yeah that. i’m torn. i absolutely DO agree with the death penalty, but in some cases these fuckers are trying to commit suicide by cop and trying to take out as many people as they can in the process. in those cases, should you REALLY be rewarding the bastards by giving them the death they so obviously want? being imprisoned for the rest of their lives and having to live with what they did is a far harsher punishment than a quick easy death. but by that same respect, i don’t think taxpayers should have to eat the bill to pay for their room and board for the rest of their lives. i think THEY and/or their families should have to pay for that shit. can’t afford 3 hots and a cot? give em choke sandwiches (Peanut butter) and let them sleep in an cage in the yard until they can work at some job in prison to earn enough to pay for something better.


anyway, this looks like it’s going to be a good show and there’s over 30 episodes listed for season 1 so it’ll keep me occupied for a day or 2.



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