I’m enamored with the world I
would like to be in,
and lost in the flow of the
world I am in.
Everything is blurred.
My mind is a mass of colors
against black and white.
It pulses quickly and roughly
nothing lingers long
I reside in my own world,
the world I keep separate, like my
silent dreams in the dark.
My thoughts render my speechless
Inside they all flow together
flawlessly with ease
in my head, it is pristine
yet when I attempt to spit
them out,
it all falls apart like dried
My intuition mixes with the
precise ideas shoved down my throat,
the black and white refuse to
entwine with me,
and my logic becomes muddled
and impossible to describe.
Why is it so hard to understand?
We are all the same, flesh and
Why can’t we learn to love,
instead of learning to hate?
I question those around me
and they reply with anecdotes
from the past.
Full of war, hatred, conquest,
racism, holocaust.
I still fail to comprehend
why we continuously put down
the lost and damned
humans have put themselves
in a cycle
the hearts beat together, yet
once forces anothers to stop
all are connected, but cut each
other off
What has been accomplished?
aside from death, protests, and
Where will we be in 1000 years?
Aside from our desecrated graves.

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