for the first time in my life tonight I felt Amazing! and spending every moment with him tonight is something that I’ll Always cherish. And tonight just being able to be rapped in his arms and feeling him love me tenderly and passionately is just what I longed for tonight. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I know he’s Always right there. And I can’t wait till he and I are together forever. He’s the one person that Loves me and shows me how much he loves me by his Perfect affection that he gives me. He makes me feel Incredible, powerful, beautiful, and most of all he makes me feel loved and accepted and he also makes me feel like I’m worth something. I don’t ever want to live without him. He makes me smile and laugh in a way that no one else can when he holds me. And it feels so right being with him. He’s everything that I’ve ever wanted and all I want is to be his for the rest of my life. When he kisses me it’s passionate, steamy and romantic. And that’s something that I don’t ever want to loose. I Love him with all of my heart.

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