How I met my wife.

I guess my story isn’t that romantic compared to others.In fact I could have written this a lot shorter but I had to add the little details because its special to me. It led up to something great in my personal opinion.

So it was the summer after my first year of college. I had decided to work in a café for the time being till school started again.I would spend most of the week working and not much else. On my time off, I’d just scroll through the Internet to kill the boredom since there wasn’t much else to do. It was eventually I came across a website called ‘Meet Me’. For those who are not aware of the site, it is a very shitty social media site that tried to double up as a dating site. I wasn’t really looking for a relationship at the time, but I enjoyed reading the comments everyone would post. Because they were usually the douchest things I have ever seen in my whole life. Like, “ Who wants a piece of this ?!? Willing to hookup with some hotties tonight but if you’re a fugly GTFO!#gotswag#yolo” Just shit like that had me thinking that even if I wanted to date someone, it wouldn’t be from here.

So one night, I was scrolling and reading things from people that somehow breath the same air as me. I suddenly get a friend request out of the blue from a girl. At first I thought about ignoring it, I had no real reason to except it. But I glanced at the profile anyways, seeing she only lived about half an hour away and was just a few months younger than I was. I put a little bit of thought into and decided, “ Why the hell not?” So I added her, guessing she wasn’t probably going to talk to me anyways like everyone else who I had added on there. But a few days later she had sent message which had taken me off guard. I decided to be kind, I start to write back. Most of out conversations where small to start. Though I could see she was just a nice and innocent girl who somehow managed to get on the dumb site. Eventually we exchanged cell numbers. We began conversing through text and calls when we both weren’t busy from work. About three or four weeks, I could tell she liked me. I’d normally say something goofy and apparently charming to her. She would reply back with something like, “ You make me smile a lot. Lol” and I would same something in the same goofy charm,” Oh I try my best. XD ” I was realizing I was starting to like her back

Finally one night, while I was just sitting at home. She texted me on her work break, asking me if I wanted to come meet her after work to hang out for a bit. Despite that she got off work at 11 pm, it was the only real time that whole week we could meet because our schedules were so different. Never the less, I agreed to meet her in the parking lot at her work. The 30 minute drive up there, I started to feel anxious and nervous since I had no clue how things would go. Once I arrived, I waited outside of my car, slightly kicking at the ground to calm my nerves. She eventually came out, looking as shy and nervous as I was. But after we started to talk a bit, the tension started to lift a little. We didn’t get to talk much since how late it was and she had to get home. We started saying our goodbyes and saying that we should try to find time to go on some sort of a date. Before we left, a brave feeling sorta popped up. I decided to be a little bold which normally wasn’t me. But inside voice was like, “ DAMN IT DEREK,STOP BEING SUCH A WUSS! Show her that you like her the way she must like you !” I gave her a light hug and small peck on the lips.I instantly felt more anxiety over my actions but I knew things were good. We said our goodbyes again and both drove our separate ways home. That’s the story of how we met and started to date.

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