My Life p.1

I’m 18 years old and I’m about to graduate from high school (finally) in 5 days. Really I graduated early but the ceremony to walk and get my diploma is in 5 days. Before Thanksgiving last year I thought I had my life all planned out with my first love we were gonna move away while I go to college and he works. But the weekend after Thanksgiving is when everything came crashing down! I don’t really want to get into all that because its my past and you guys (whoever even really reads this) will probably think I’m crazy and yes the last threes years with him were the craziest times of my life (haha). I have a new boyfriend now as of new years, and I know what you guys are thinikng “oh she jumoed into a new realationship fast!” no I’v known this guy since I was 16 so about 2 years. I have so much to write about and talk about I dont even know where to start and soon I will get carried away! And right now my current boyfriend is about to walk in the room so i gotta go I’ll finish writing later!  (even though you guys probably dont wanna hear anything about my life and no bodys probably ggonna read this but! I like to believe and pretend people care! (:

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