I just want to take some time this morning to appreciate a person I met yesterday, Carlos.

Carlos has piercing blue eyes and he is older – his hair is a white, curly mess and he wears jewelry. When I say jewelry, I mean it. Pieces. He is from Brazil and grew up in Uruguay.

Carlos is also an asshole. A total asshole, but he goes to therapy and he is better now. He can quit anger, but he can’t quit cigarettes. And I understand that. Carlos is married to Lillian, but he doesn’t know where she is because he doesn’t ask. He doesn’t ask questions after 37 years of marriage to keep the peace. I should only have one boyfriend, he advised as he held up two fingers. He uses his eyes to let you know when he is telling you something and you need to listen.

Carlos loves jewelry and has no appreciation for furniture. He would have sold me a designer table from the 90s for $50 – Ellen reminded him it was worth $1,200. He still would have sold it for $50. Carlos said I had nice legs. Then he immediately apologized because in this country people can get slapped, or beat up, or sued over that. I told him I wouldn’t do any of that to him.

Carlos knew how to get to the Monarch where we found Steve. Thanks, Carlos!

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