haha new detectives isn’t american made

how do i know? in the background noise for (appropiately sp?!) episode 13, i was paying particularly close attention because it was a Cincinnati, Ohio case (which happens to be my current hometown and ¬†ditto for the past decade) i heard police radio calling something in. they said ‘yes, we have a 999call’ that’s UK emergency services! USA emergency services is 911! haha fucker! fucked THAT all up, didn’t you?

not the 1st time i’ve caught stuff like this. the show Deadly women (which for the record netflix NEEDS to bring back along with 1000 ways to die) gave every and i mean EVERY impression of being a show made in the continental USA. except for 1 stupid fucking mistake. beer. how so? well, in a forensics show made in or around the USA, if they talk about booze being affiliated with the crime in any way shape or form? they’ll go get product placement rights for that shit and have the brand name containers right there on the screen. in deadly women they’d talk about what TYPE of booze the people were drinking and either white out the label if it was full on booze like so and so was see to be drinking whiskey all afternoon or something and they’d show a tall square bottle with a white label with no words or logo. for beer though, they went a step further. ANY time they had someone drinking beer, it was this ONE brand and i finally got curious and did some research. it was a non-alcoholic brand MADE IN AUSTRALIA! ah ha!

but in this case? i’m guessing the show was mad in canada. the accents of the actors sort of give it away (those flat vowels! so the previous sentence would sound like ‘theh yacksants uhf theh yacktuhs sawhtah gev et uhwaay’ it’s subtle. i mean they obviously are going to the locations cause for this one i’m looking at Cinti landmarks within walking distance (for those that can walk at any rate) from my flat, but that 999 thing gave it away. immediate reaction was UK but doesn’t canada use a LOT of UK phrasing terminology etc etc? so. that’s MY take on it anyway. still enjoying the show, but i may have to poke around and see how right i am.

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  1. says country of origin is USA, but that’s bullshit. wiki can and is often misslabled by people with nothing better to do. i know what i’ve been hearing and i bet a massive chunk of the production staff and the actors pool in canadian.

  2. in a later episode they used footage for a female serial killer and polygimist i already knew about. the chick up in colorado that lied about being pregnant to marry a guy that owned a hardware store tthen had her cop boyfriend kill him after they were married and her multiple still legally binding marriages came to light and he cut off her spending spree and had it annulled. in FACT they used the SAME FOOTAGE from deadly women o the actress playing her dressed up as a guy with a fake mustache. so it’s NOT a show made in the USA by entire americans as i suspected. good try folks.

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