i should specify my last post and the comments.

i realize i come across as a bit of what i call ‘a foul Ist.’ an Ist is pretty much any loudmouthed asshat that calls themselves anything that ends in the suffix IST. racist. sexist. and yes, i’ll say (type) it. EVEN and sometime ESPECIALLY feminists. and THAT, my dear readers is a WOMAN saying that and one with a reputation for standing up for themselves. but i am NOT a feminist (which people will also hear me call feminazis). nope. in fact aw HELLS to the motherfuckering nope. why? i’m into equality. true. very VERY true. but what i see these Ist dimbos doing is stupid. how did you GET on this planet, honey? how were YOU created. you know the old saying ‘takes 2 to tango’ meaning it takes a male AND a female to make a fetus. without BOTH parts of the genetic soup, you simply would not be here to badmouth an entire 1/2 of your own race and THAT to me is stupid. so? you don’t want to fuck one. okay. fine by me and every other woman and man who likes men around you. more potential dates for the rest of us then. don’t want them to open doors for you? fine by me too. but here’s the thing. would you open a door for ME if you were ahead of me walking up to it? i’m a woman too and crippled to boot! (doc martin classic black 10 hole boot specifically LOL) would you hold the door open for me? if so why? out of real desire to make that tony fragment of my life easier because i’m struggling with a backpack trying to slide off my shoulder (like it does any time i move my shoulder to shift the grip of my left crutch so i can get the door handle. it’s kind of annoying, but wearing the pack with both straps means even more of a chance that i’ll need something out of it and murphy’s law dictates when i try to struggle out of it to get at the contents i WILL end up wiping out and hurting myself. been there done that bought the tshirt and tore it up for paint rags) and i’ll usually say something like ‘oh go ahead. i’ve got it. i need to sit down and check something anyway’ just to diffuse the situation. but if a GUY holds a door? i don’t even THINK about motive. i just think ‘ah! someone’s mother raised them right and taught them some general courtesy.’ and since most entrances to buildings are a double set of doors? i’ll get the next since they were kind enough to get the 1st one and i’ll need a second to rebalance and catch the sliding backpack anyway (even if i’m wearing my motorcycle jacket to be hereon referred to as the painted M.C. jacket. i’ll get a pic of it eventually. i’m rather proud of the new painting that finally replaced the chinese dragon i had painted on it years ago and it was starting to wear off in places) the only time i want to hear the word MILITANT is if it’s in reference to a branch of the armed forces. otherwise you’re just another fanatical psychotic loose canon just WAITING AND LOOKING for a place and excuse to go off. i want everyone to have access to education and food and healthcare. not just 1 section of the populace that agrees with my viewpoints. that’s what makes the difference here. i don’t dislike anyone according to circumstances beyone their control like country of birth, skin colour and that sort of thing. THAT is stupid, petty and small minded. i can find perfectly legitimate reasons to loathe people on an individual basis (and the populace does give me AMPLE reasons.) example? i don’t despise the guy that i just chased out of our yard because he’s white, fat and american. i loathe the son of a bitch because he thinks having a dog gives him an excuse to stroll his dog right into our yard to let his dog take a shit and then strolls off without picking up after it AND his dog’s a digger –some dogs when they finish their business just want to have a quick sniff around while this pet Human picks up the mess in a plastic bag to dispose of. THESE people and their dogs? i allow back going so far as to thank them for being courteous. but this is NOT a dog allowed building quite the opposite. (owner’s allergic AND doesn’t like them. i love animals, but i don’t think dogs should be kept in apartments AT ALL and i’ll go into that some other time)

so. i think that clarifies things a bit. i ADORE both shows (deadly women and new detectives) and i don’t particularly care where they were made and by whom. i am however amused by the fact that they’re trying to play this off as american made by americans when it so obviously is not as evidenced by the reference to the 999call and the reused footageas well as the accents of several of the background actors/actresses. if you’re into true crime, in fact, i recommend BOTH of them as well put together, informative and entertaining. it’s just the nitpicker in me that has way too keen an eye and ear for detail enjoys finding out the mistakes.

oh. yeah. the photos? that’s gotta be at least a year old. last winter i think with blue hair. i LOVED that shade (amore true blue as i recall. good last on it and nice fade spectrum which you usually don’t get with cheaper brands) and nope. no makeup in this pic at all. i really am so pale i make blank paper jealous.




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