sweetheart, it won’t happen like that.
he won’t find beauty in your misery.
he won’t want to wipe your tears.
he will see how sad you are without him
and use that to help him sit up a little
straighter and smile a little bigger.
you are not useful when you are broken.
so pick up the pieces,
don’t forget the one you threw under the
that’s the most important,
remember to wear that frilly shirt
that makes you feel cute
and worthy of love.
because he’s not coming back.
and while he’s probably still thinking about you,
he’s not going to tie up his shoelaces and
come get you.
you’re gonna have to save yourself.
and that’s how we learn to breathe on our own
and that’s how we learn to walk tall when no
one’s beside us
and that’s how we learn to live
and that’s how we learn to be enough for

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