yes, you CAN eat that.

and yes, i need a hobby desperately.

aanyhoo. guten morgen! Wie gehts? actually i’ve always liked the actual SOUNDS of the more archaic High German with the more formal Wie Gehts ist ihnen? though knowing me i miss-spelled something in that. i assure you, i can SAY it just fine. ran into a german woman walking a mix-breed dog and the dog reacted oddly to my gimp-sticks so i let her bring him over, put them on the ground and sat on the wall so the dog could have a good sniff at the big silver crutches and not be as freaked out by them next time. i heard her accent and asked her (how can i not ‘hear’ a german accent you non german speakers are demanding. it’s so harsh and strident!…no. no it’s not. i will remind you some of the most exquisite operas in history are written in german. it can and often is a beautiful language when not being shouted by angry men wearing a miss-appropriated Indian symbol for peace if you get my drift! spoken by a young VERY soft spoken shy woman it’s almost unrecognizable as what most people think of as a german accent at all. and i could barely hear her at 1st let ALONE understand what region she was from) and when she admitted (rather apologetically for some reason. why, babe? even if you are 1 of the apologists, skip it. not like you did it. if we were going to stand around and apologize for what our ancestors did to people we’d still be sitting out there in the driveway. my native american ancestors were some vicious SOBs when cornered as were my romany/romanian ones and let’s agree to not even discuss the balls out insanity of my pictish ancestors, shall we? 😉  or perhaps that should be literal blue balls out insanity all considering the woad and their propensity for nude fighting in frigid UK weather and all LOLOLOL) i said ‘ach! wonderschon! sehr, wie gehts?’ and she beamed at me as people no longer living in a country where everyone speaks the same language you grew up usually will and we talked for a few minutes (mostly her wondering where and/or WHY i spoke german with a black forest bavarian accent LOLOL i gave her the cliff notes version, the dog decided he was bored and my car service arrived) but she said my accent was very good. (probably because i approach languages conversationally and learn to pronounce them as the locals do. why did i chose THAT region? Nightcrawler from Xmen. he’s supposed to be Bavarian and until Alan Cumming did the character in x2 NO ONE that has ever tried to do his voice has gotten it right and this new imbecile is wrong too. shut the fuck up, go wash that WRONG colour makeup off and get a day job, asshole) but yeah. i count german among the languages i can mangle conversationally, but unless i’m singing along with Rammstein (spielhur is a fave of mine. very deliciously creepy both the music and the story of the song itself) i’m not going to go sounding like WWII propaganda tapes. it’s melodic and lyrical.

the photo? you can eat that. well, YOU lot can’t. i could since it’s sitting on my desk, but they’re about like animal crackers in taste and texture. something between short bread and vanilla wafers. tasty. and since they’re all like 1 side of a kid’s letter blocks, it occurs to me you could play a variation of elimination scrabble with them or something. could be fun!

but speaking of food, i need to go make breakfast so *I* don’t eat that before i can show it to Jus the next time he swings by. i know he’ll get a laugh out of it and he might even like the idea of the game and have a few suggestions. he’s always trying to get me to do something that isn’t me working (shrugs) see that’s all i do. even when i feel my shittiest and can only sit around watching netflix, i’m still working. research? all those documentaries? right.


oh! yeah. uhm shockingly after yesterday’s cleaning binge where i got the whole list done before 7pm? i am sore and in pain and crampy (stupid period) and most of the stuff on my list today will be doable sitting DOWN, but i will be able to work today. so i’ll get some more posts up. i finished another 1st draft novel,finished 3 more drawings, got a lot of mending and cleaning done so i’m pretty happy about that.

try this outre again….



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