I am twelve years old and have been sexually molested on and off for the past three years. I am but a preteen and one who is still trying to figure out her sexuality. I was an angry person who lashed out on her very being. Everything was out of her control, or so she thought. Her grades never saw approval from the parents she sought to impress. And so she began to ignore her academic studies and became even more rebellious. Attendance records shoddy and behavior horrendous. I was lost and only found solace in two things…books,and self-mutilation. I began to hang out with my older cousin and was brought around drugs, alcohol, and sex. I hated to be at home and escaped the reality of my situation any chance I could get. I was constantly at my friend’s house, until their parents disapproved of me. Why? Because of not going to school. I also started my period. Womanhood here I come. I also, starting shaving my hair down to a fade. This is what leads me to drastic hair and wardrobe changes in life.

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