I’m Bad For You

I know you don’t think I see, but I do, I see that you’re trying to help and I’m not responding, not even remotely, I see you looking at me trying to say something I won’t appreciate enough, don’t waste your words on me babe, I see you subtly complimenting me and it means so so much to me even though I pretend I didn’t hear. I think about your nice actions more than you may think and I appreciate them so much more than I let you see, but I do not want to let another person in this twisted life of mine, I’m exhausting, I’m way too much work for what you get and I wish I didn’t exist, not for you, not for anyone, I wish I was just a side character in people’s stories, the girl you met when you went to buy some milk for your mother, the girl waiting on the bus stop everyday at the same time, I wish I was there but I do no wish for people to care about me. I’m too unstable to be a good friend, the only thing I can promise you is hurt, and I know you don’t want to believe it but it’s true. I’m so many things and none of them are what you see because inside I’m barely holding myself together, one wrong move and you’ll shatter me. Are you still willing to take the risk?

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