more appropos names

okay. got a couple more. a fire expert with the last name Berny (say it out loud) and a medical examiner named Butts. i’ve also known a balding hairdresser who’s last name is Combs and there was a pediatrician in our sphere (i think he was a swing or sub because i only recall seeing him a couple times) named Bosom! silliness. hearkens back to a time when your surname was a direct reflection of what you did. last name Wright? well, chances are your ancestors made wheels and barrels. Chandler? then your family were candle makers. that sort of thing. oh and there’s a little neighborhood pub attached to a coin laundrette. the guy that owned it for years?( now deceased. we miss you Tony!) his last name was Coyne (again. say it out loud.. it’s just 1 syllable.) i love stuff like that. makes me laugh.

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  1. oh and a note about earlier. i feel positively peculiar. like i’m waiting for something. it’s that feeling you get when someone is coming over that you aren’t particularly fond of, but you have to do with the situation if that makes any sense. i think i’ll be having a more significant seizure event later and that part of me that’s trained myself to react to anything unusual senses that on some level and is trying to prepare me for it. if that’s the case, this one is going to be a biggy. i’e gone ahead and unlocked the door. may end up proving useful. (now speaking directly to the RSD) back off you. i’m not ready yet. i have 3 more novels in partial that i want to get 1st drafts completed on. just a little more time, please and if you can hold off on the check-out seizures so i can actually get the work done that would help a LOT thanks.

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