no funny picture just another seizure

3/4 hour catatonic upright at the desk. i had just put on an episode of new detectives when the world went wobbly and froze. this one i was OUT for. i don’t recall anything. it was just like someone or something switched me off for about 45 minutes. i feel perfectly fine NOW. but i have a missing gap of about 45 minutes that i simply cannot account for and no recollection of completing the episode (cold cases i remember the 1st 1 because i’ve heard about it on other shows. the girl that turned up in a freezer in a rental truck in someone’s yard. that was what i was watching when i lost time)

interesting. so now i’m combining the elements of both kinds of seizures into something new and weird. the frozen catatonic thing and the full check-out of the worst of the shakers. nice. <–place sarcasm there.

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