of all the stupid shit to have a prophetic dream about

okay. are you sitting down? eating? drinking? swallow! good. i’ll wait.

alright (nope. not that psychic…or maybe i am, but humans are predictable. you open something to read and you either grab a bevvy or a snack or light up a cig as you go to begin reading) i dreamed that Zap shit next to the litterbox again. in fact, i felt the dream SO strongly that my very 1st words upon opening my eyes were ‘Zap you better hope i’ve just blown my record and i’m wrong or DID you shit on the floor?’ by the time i sat up not only was she nowhere to be seen, but my desk chair was doing a slow lazy twirl implying she’d BEEN lounging on it till i said that and was now hiding somewhere. ‘uh huh. that doesn’t bode well from you. i’d call that busted before i even get to the loo’ i snatched my clothes and cane and wobbled off to check. sure enough. and exactly like in the dream no less! WTF!? ‘get your hairy ass in the corner NOW!’ i snapped. she was by the time i was back in the livingroom. ‘bitch’. so yeah. a prophetic dream about catshit on the floor and i woke up to (drumroll please) catshit on the floor. it’s a gift (eyeroll) and i wish i could return it.



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