In this dark dimmed place, here I stand, all alone, thousands of people around me, but no one I can see, I am blinded by these pressures, strangled by my thoughts, escape is only needed, for those who can’t handle shit, but to escape means death, death is a scare, if you can read this now, then do not dare, to put that blade across your skin, your beautiful fleshed skin, for you are a creation, the one and only you, and that is special, you are adored. When you feel alone, hidden behind doors, smacked across the face with the words of your parents, thinking you’re a disgrace, remember, you have the chance right now, to go on your computer, to take your time to focus your eyes across these words, this message, and then remember, you’re okay, day by day, you’re dying away, so make it last, do not stress the little things are only the best, better than kids, starving today, without any contact, to escape, left alone, bloody and beaten, the goosebumps arise as they are strayed, to drag along and be someone’s slave, life is only ever so short, so make it last, live it up and have a blast, cause when you feel alone, just remember, that suicide note would have a lot of people crying and tearing to you, the offender, so selfish it is, it is not your time, to stop the beat, of ticking time, here I am, so message me, I can help, believe me, now here you lay, with nothing to say, well if you don’t care, then why are you here? think upon that, and then it is left, to life or death, everyone gets a life, but not everyone lives.

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