you do something to me i just can’t explain
you think you’re boring, ordinary, and plain
how could you be all of those things if you make
me insane
it’s unbelievable, indescribable, miraculous really
you make me worry and my stomach constantly
has this upset feeling
you make me question everything
all i do is sit around and ponder all the
conversations i have had with you
it’s like you have stuck yourself to my brain
with gorilla glue
it’s super annoying like gum on the bottom of
my shoe
but it’s a good thing… right?
it’s a good thing i stay up so late every night
i feel a bit unsure
until i feel your hand wrap around my palm
the other one placed gently in the small of my back
and now we are dancing and laughing
crying and singing
we are silly and serious
all this love is making me delirious
but i can’t help but love you
because i can feel that you love me too

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