resting in relative comfort

all considering my scare this morning (more on that in a moment) i’ve decided today’s for resting.

see, there was more to it than merely just a new form of seizure. i’ve had an on again off again pressure point headache in my right temple. i haven’t been prone to headaches since puberty (and oh BOY did i have them then. there was some thought at the time i might have migraines. i had terrible headaches from age 9 till about age 12, then i got my 1st period and they stopped as abruptly as they’d started.) like someone had managed to slide a knitting needle at a 40 degree angle from the just below the hairline downward toward my right ear ceasing at the point where lobe becomes edge of jawline. you’ll note i did not say (well, technically i haven’t said a damn thing to most of you LOL not that i wouldn’t if we met in person whether or not i knew you were a reader. i’m gregarious. i’ll talk to damn near anyone. i’ll often start of conversations with total strangers just because they’re frowning. ‘oh! Hey! Excuse me! yes, you. i couldn’t help but notice that you dropped your smile. i always keep an extra onhand for just such an occasion and wondered if you had any use for it?’ yes. really. i know i have a couple readers who know me in real life such as it is who’ll cheerfully confirm this. technically i’ve never said anything to most of you, but instead of talking your ear off, i’m typing your eyes out? hrm… sounds gruesome, huh? LOL) STABBED into my temple, but SLID because oddly, even though it WAS a headache, it didn’t really HURT. it was more of a dull pulse like the surrounding tissues were being displaced and nudged aside on that path from temple to ear and then allowed to ease back into place only to be displaced again a moment later. it was a VERY peculiar sensation and i’m not eager to relive the experience.

so, under the circumstances, i decided that resting today was the smartest thing i could do. hell, it’s a holiday anyway (and 1 of the few on the calender that i actually care about. <salutes> thank you military personnel for everything you’ve done and continue to do for us. may your fallen comrades rest in peace. <bows>) so that means NO working (i’m not even letting myself sketch and except for a brief 1/2 inch long longhand paragraph in the dreamery? NO WRITING! (hey! someone go check on her! i think she just fainted from shock! LOL)

i’ll try to get back to abnormal tomorrow.


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