This is my personal diary/ true life experiences. This is for me.

I am a teen. True. My name is Alexa Tyler. False. I will tell you my real name. Also False. I have many friends, I think.  (Nicknames are used for anonymity.) Blondie is average height, blue eyes, blonde hair, very outgoing at times, and is a tomboy. Ann is also dirty blonde, average height, the same as Blondie, brown eyes, snappy, and is always overemotional and takes things too far. However, she is a very loyal and trustworthy person(I think.) I am 14.(True) I live in Texas. (False) This is only for my purposes. I will record my life experiences here and  review them, but never change them. I have many more friends, but these are my closest. Everything I tell you about me is what I want to be true. Some parts are true, some aren’t. Perhaps you will learn who I am, maybe you won’t. I don’t even know yet. Here is everything you need to know about me:

Red hair

Brown eyes

Short(really short)


14 years old

I imagine this is all you need to know for now. More updates later………


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