Poem 01

I continue to spiral, ignoring the sensation of it all

Caught up in webs of alibis, of dirty untold lies

Sneaking around on tiptoes and hushed lips

This rapid descent

Flailing; refusing his arms to cradle my fall

I welcome the distractions

Seeking warmth, yet my own hands frozen

Unable to surrender

I cannot unfold

Hesitant to bare myself at his feet

I struggle to gather the scattered parts of myself, that lay dormant

The embodiment of me

Pumping fast, pumping strong

But where is the rhythm?

The slow and steady

Rigid walls crumbling

The smooth pad of his fingertips caressing my temples

Seeking out the flow of truth within the well-spun words

Given wisdom, but futile to recall

Closed-minded to the simplicity of it all

Yet taken aback by the cruelty

The backlash of  well-versed words

By the one opportunity of happiness

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