16th october 955pm tuesday


today hasn’t been too horribly bad. some days are worse than others, of course.this morning was fairly bad though. mornings do tend to be, which is sad really since i really am especially fond of them otherwise. that combined with the (much needed) torrential rain kept me indoors today and i did not go to the funeral mass for my great grand aunt or whatever precisely she was. i thin she was mom’s great aunt. anyway, i didn’t think that crutches and wet pavement were a good combination. ah well. it’s not like i’d seen her since i was a child except once when she was in hospital and she didn’t know me. (shrug) ah well.

the OP help a little. still hurts like hell if i’m slow to take a pill. as i’ve said, mornings are always the worst.

i wish i knew a way to make this all just stop! This is so tedious!


(*note- of COURSE there’s a way to make it all stop, but i’m NOT QUITE ready to take THAT step just yet.)

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