17th october 2007 452pm wednesday


today is so-so. i’ve been off my feet most of the day. George brought me the weekly local papers and going through those will generally keep me at my desk for several hours.

i actually slept fairly well and fairly late. 9am is considered  (by me at any rate) a luxurious sleep-in since i have the animals to tend to so i have to get up or the gecko could dehydrate and considering the fact that i took her away from someone who did not know how to care for her and was letting her get regularly dehydrated (*note Pwca, my gecko died of old age about 3 years ago. she was about 12. Giant day geckos usually only live about 10 years in captivity). that wouldn’t be very good, now would it?

i did experience shooting pains up my shins last night and this morning and my right knee is currently forcibly reminding me (what i’ve been calling percussive pain like a drumbeat thumping on the inside of my knees.)that i need to take a pill very soon. the left isn’t quite as bad.


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